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Upcoming CORE Growth 101 Webinars

Hey folks, CORE will be hosting several Growth “101” webinars in October and November. These webinars are a great opportunity to gain a better of understanding CORE’s growth metric and how it can be useful for your school or organization.

See webinar dates and registration links below. Content will be the same for each session so please register for the session that best fits your schedule.

Celebrating Academic Growth in Oakland

The Education Trust-West and CORE have partnered to publicly recognize schools throughout California that are supporting students to achieve high academic growth. At these high-growth schools, students are making academic gains faster than similar students at similar schools throughout the California. Right here in Oakland we have 43 high growth schools. This is a great accomplishment for school staff and students!

In future posts, we will dive into more detail about CORE’s student growth model and how it provides a different perspective from data available on the California School Dashboard.

Click here to view the complete list of high growth schools across California. Additionally, high growth schools will be acknowledged on the Ed Equity Navigator, a soon-to-be-released website that will present California education data through an equity lens.