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College Data Study Session #2
Date: Tuesday, September 24, Noon - 2pm
Location: Cal State East Bay Oakland Center, 1000 Broadway
Audience: School leaders and broader Oakland education community
Based on input from the first College Data session, we will continue to explore how we can better use data to support Oakland students to and through college.

Chronic Absence Working Session - Fall 2019
Date: Thursday, Sept 12, 10am - Noon
Location: Neyborly, 95 Linden St #1, Oakland, CA 94607
Audience: School teams of 2-4 people
In this working session, school teams will analyze attendance data from the first month of school and identify interventions aimed to reduce chronic absenteeism.

Chronic Absence Working Session - Spring 2019
Date: Thursday, May 9, 10am - Noon
Location: Oakland International High School
Audience: School teams of 2-4 people
Chronic absence is a key barrier to achievement for many students in Oakland and other undeserved communities. In this working session we will share tools and protocols for school teams to analyze the current year's chronic absence data. Using this information, schools will identify steps that can be taken between now and the beginning of the 19-20 school year to help improve overall attendance and decrease chronic absence.

College Data Study Session #1: Kick-Off
Date: Thursday, April 11, Noon – 2pm
Location: West Oakland Library (1801 Adeline St.)
Audience: School leaders and broader Oakland education community
The Oakland CORE Data Collaborative, in partnership with Oakland Achieves and Oakland Promise, invites you, or a member of your team, to participate in a series of 4 study sessions, to be held through the 2019 calendar year, examining the available college matriculation, persistence, and degree completion data. As a result of these study sessions our goal is to develop a city-wide report focused on post-secondary outcomes for our Oakland public school students.