Building off the state-level work of the CORE Data Collaborative, the Oakland CORE Data Collaborative (Collaborative) launched in 2017 with the goal of creating a peer-driven learning community to assess aggregate and student group-level data across all of Oakland’s district and charter public schools. By participating in the Collaborative, schools gain access to a set of tools and indicators, including the CORE Growth Model, as well as opportunities to engage in data-driven conversations with their peers throughout the year. Through this work we hope to engage, convene, and support schools to learn from each other, understand their successes and challenges, and dive deeply into meaningful conversations across all levels of leadership. Our goal is to improve school quality for all Oakland public school students.

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) joined the California Office to Reform Education (CORE) in 2012. OUSD’s superintendent, Kyla Johnson-Trammell, serves on the CORE Board of Directors, which meets bimonthly to guide the direction of CORE’s work. A total of 114 Oakland schools participate in CORE, including all 87 district schools and 27 of 43 public charter schools.

Are you a public charter school in Oakland interested in joining the Oakland CORE Data Collaborative? Reach out to Brett Noble for more information.