Event: Chronic Absence Working Session 3/5

Join us for another Chronic Absence Working Session on Thursday, March 5 (11am – 1pm) @ Neyborly (95 Linden St). RSVP HERE.

Chronic absence is a key barrier to achievement for many students in Oakland and other undeserved communities. In this working session, school teams will analyze attendance data and identify targeted interventions to reduce absenteeism.

The Chronic Absence Working Session will take place on Thursday, 3/5, 11am – 1pm at Neyborly. Lunch will be served. There is a small parking lot and street parking as well.

Which schools can participate?
Any Oakland public school can participate. The agenda will be focused on supporting schools that are still developing their practices around reducing chronic absence. Schools with more developed practices are more than welcome to participate and share their systems with other schools.

Who should attend from my school?
Participating schools are asked to bring at least 2 people but not more than 4 people. Schools are encouraged to bring members of your attendance team, which will vary from school to school. Participants could include: principal or assistant principal, family engagement coordinator, attendance clerk, operations manager, or other staff members.

What do I need to bring with me?
In order to fully benefit from this working session, you will need to bring up-to-date, student-level attendance data. This information can generally be exported from your student information system (Aeries, PowerSchool, Illuminate, etc.). If you need assistance accessing this data, please contact Jonathon Stewart (jstewart@rogersfoundation.org).