Event Summary: College Data Study Session #2

Thanks to everyone who was able to make to attend the second College Data Study Session! For those who were unable to join, you can find the presentation here.

We started the session by looking at college-going data recently released by the California Department of Education (CDE).

While not perfect (see information from CDE about here), this data is an important step toward better tracking student progress beyond high school.

Next we looked at how FAFSA, and Dream Act data available from the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) correlates with college-going rates. The answer: FAFSA/Dream Act completion rates are highly correlated with the college-going data in both Oakland and statewide.

View complete dashboard here.

To close out the data portion of the agenda, we looked how the CORE Data Collaborative is helping schools track if students are on track to early college success. Specifically, we looked at a sampling of Oakland data that tracks 8th grade on-track status from the 16-17 school year to 9th grade on-track status for the 17-18 school year.

Currently there are four Oakland high schools – Fremont, Oakland High, Oakland Tech, and Skyline – that are participating in a continuous improvement cohort through the CORE Data Collaborative to ensure that students are ready to succeed in college up on high school graduation. As part of this cohort, each schools is using this data, and more, to create targeted supports for their students with the college to improve college-readiness.

Lastly, we closed the day by taking the California College Match Tool for a test drive (slide deck here). Special thanks to John Fanning for leading us! To stay in the loop on the tool’s development, make sure to complete this form. Keep in mind that the tool has a lot of work before it’s ready for students and families.

Stay tuned as we determine a date and focus for the next College Data Study Session.