Event Summary: Fall Chronic Absence Working Session

Last week, we hosted our second Chronic Absence Working Session. The convening brought together more than 40 people representing 21 different schools and organizations. The slides from the session are available here. In the interest of time, we were only able to get through slide 15, however, we plan to follow up specifically on the power of Empathy Interviews soon.

The agenda was largely influenced by the Attendance Playbook recently developed by FutureEd and AttendanceWorks. For convenience, we’ve summarized the interventions from the Playbook in this spreadsheet, although we highly recommend that you read the entire report.

Early intervention can be helpful in reducing chronic absenteesim and promoting attendance. To this end, school team’s began the session by looking at their attendance data from the first weeks of school. With this data in hand, school teams reflected on the touchpoints they have in place for the students that have been absent.

Next we discussed how “nudging” families can be a relatively low-cost,impactful whole-school strategy for reducing absences. Each school team then spent time planning how they can better “nudge” families to help improve attendance.

Feedback from the session was very positive so please stay tuned as we determine when we maybe be able to host another session.