Welcome to the Oakland CORE Data Blog

Welcome to the online home for the Oakland CORE Data Collaborative! On this blog we will post helpful resources for using data to support all of Oakland’s district-run and charter public schools.

What is the Oakland CORE Data Collaborative?
Launched in 2017, the Oakland CORE Data Collaborative (Collaborative) builds on the work of the CORE Data Collaborative (CORE Data). The Collaborative is a learning community among Oakland schools that enables schools to share data in order to address common challenges faced by school leaders and educators.

By taking part in the Collaborative, schools can access unique data such as the CORE Growth Model, which measures the impact schools have on student academic progress over a period of time. Additionally, schools can take part in data-driven conversations with other schools throughout the year. Through the Collaborative, we hope schools can learn from each other to better understand their successes and challenges.

What is CORE?
Founded in 2010, CORE serves public school districts in Fresno, Garden Grove, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco and Santa Ana. These districts collaborate to implement new academic standards and improve training for teachers and administrators. CORE Data is an initiative of CORE, and creates opportunities for schools in California to share data with each other and collaborate toward solving common challenges. Currently more than 50 local education agencies take part in CORE Data.

CORE Data members include Oakland Unified, San Francisco Unified, Aspire Public Schools, Green Dot Public Schools, Riverside County, and many more.

As a founding CORE member, Oakland Unified’s superintendent, Kyla Johnson-Trammell, serves on the CORE Board of Directors. She meets bimonthly with other superintendents to drive the direction of CORE’s work.

What are the benefits of CORE Data?

  • Access to reports that allow school leaders to easily compare their performance to other schools locally and statewide.
  • Access to unique data points – such as Academic Growth, High School Readiness, and College Data – that are not easily available.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with schools across California.

Which Oakland schools are part of CORE?
A total of 114 Oakland schools are part of CORE, including all 87 district-run schools and 27 of 43 charter public schools.

In the coming months we look forward to exploring CORE’s Academic Growth model, lessons from schools reducing chronic absence, and more.